• UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Good Governance for Sustainable Development

    • Universal Periodic Review Medium Term Report completed.
    • Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission secretariat fully established to carry out its mandate.
    • Over 3000 children accessed legal services in 23 victim friendly courts.
    • 60 community outreach initiatives held to promote peace and reconciliation across the country.
    • Parliamentarians and Independent Commissions trained on conflict prevention and resolution.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Pro-Poor Sustainable Growth and Economic Development

    • Over 8,000 youth (41% women) trained with an employment rate of 90%.
    • Surveys and assessments, including the Multi Indicator Cluster Survey, Labour Force and Child Labour Survey, and Livestock and Crop Assessment supported.
    • Industrial recovery strategies and programmes for pharmaceuticals and textiles sectors developed.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Food Security at Household and National Levels

    • Over 126,000 vulnerable family farmers assisted with crop and livestock input.
    • Over 80,000 people supported with supplement foods and over 23,000 children treated for malnutrition.
    • National institutions strengthened in crop post-harvest management, animal disease control, climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as irrigation development. 
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Sound Management and Use of the Environment, Natural Resources and Land

    • National climate response strategy and action plan completed.
    • National Energy Policy developed and launched.
    • 14 community based natural resource management projects in place. 
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Access to Quality Basic Social Services For All

    • Access to primary education maintained at 96.7% and a 86.3% completion rate accomplished. 
    • Immunization coverage maintained at 81% and over 3 million children reached with mass drug administration.
    • 67% of pregnant women received at least 4 antenatal care services.
    • Over 33,000 poor households in 13 districts received bi-monthly cash transfers.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support

    • Over 747,000 adults including 54,000 children accessed HIV treatment.
    • 96% of all health facilities provided integrated antiretroviral treatment.
    • Over 47,000 HIV positive women received ARV prophylaxis to reduce Mother to Child.
    • Over 230,000 males circumcised to reduce HIV infection. 
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2014

    Women’s Empowerment, Gender Equality and Equity

    • Over 55,000 young girls, victims of abuse, accessed protection services.
    • 120 members of the Parliamentary Caucus on Gender and Women Affairs trained on legislative oversight, with gender analysis of new legislation completed.
    • First UN joint programme on gender and women’s empowerment launched.