• UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Good Governance for Sustainable Development

    • New National Constitution finalized and adopted.  
    • National Peace and Reconciliation Commission established with 20 multi-stakeholder roundtable dialogues conducted.
    • Junior parliamentarians and 52,000 children trained on national budgeting processes. 
    • Over 1,500 survivors of domestic violence accessed victim friendly courts.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Pro-Poor Sustainable Growth and Economic Development

    • Over 5,200 youth trained for self or wage employment with an employment rate of approximately 90%.
    • Over 800 small businesses owners in the informal economy supported in various trades, with these businesses showing an average increase of 35% profit.
    • National Debt Magement and Financial Analysis System upgraded.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Food Security at Household and National Levels

    • National Food and Nutrition Policy launched.
    • 47,800 vulnerable households received crops and livestock input vouchers. 
    • 1,430,541 food insecure people assisted under seasonal targeted assistance programme.
    • 405,310 people received assistance under the health and nutrition programme.
    • 210,817 food insecure people received supplement foods in 22 districts; and 295,832 people in drought affected areas benefited from the food for assets programme.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Sound Management and Use of the Environment, Natural Resources and Land

    • National Climate Change Response Strategy developed.
    • National Early Warning Systems in place, with reports on food security, and with crop, livestock and vulnerability assessments.  
    • Disaster Risk Management database established.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Access to Quality Basic Social Services For All

    • Access to primary education maintained at 96.7% and an 86.3% completion rate ensured. 
    • 342,000 orphans and vulnerable pupils assisted to continue their education.
    • 1:1 pupil to textbook ratio maintained to all primary and secondary school children. 
    • Immunization coverage maintained at 95%, and 90% of all health facilities have 80% of essential drugs.
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support

    • Over 1.7 million people received voluntary HIV counselling and testing. 
    • Over 75,000 men voluntarily circumcised to reduce rate of exposure to HIV infection.
    • Over 635,000 adults and children received free antiretroviral therapy.
    • 78% survival at 12 months achieved after initiation of treatment for people living with HIV. 
  • UN Supported Programme Results - 2013

    Women’s Empowerment, Gender Equality and Equity

    • Women in parliament increased from 18% (55) to 35% (123) through special measure adopted in the New National Constitution
    • Two shelters and a one stop centre for survivors of gender based violence established. 
    • 16,000 children and 700 adults (victims of gender based violence) accessed free and integrated health, psychosocial and legal services.